How to Reach Your Target Audience with Facebook Ads (And Yes, Facebook Ads are Still Worth It)


With more than two billion monthly users, Facebook remains a great social media tool for reaching your target audience. However, with the recent change to the Facebook algorithm, CEO Mark Zuckerberg advised that users will see less public content from businesses, brands and media. Content with interactions between people will take precedence.

As a business, then, how do you reach the broadest target audience on Facebook? Through Facebook ads.

You may be wondering, Aren’t people leaving Facebook? Yes, but Facebook ads remain one of the most effective paid advertising channels for companies and organizations across industries. Our clients use ads to drive traffic to websites, blog posts, videos, podcasts and product pages. This article from Ad Shark breaks down the benefits of Facebook ads, including detailed targeting options, flexible budgets, and creative freedom.

How do I create a Facebook ad campaign?

The first step to create a paid Facebook campaign: determine your goal. Are you trying to gain followers, share content, recruit donations, or create general awareness of your organization?  

Next, define your target audience. Consider demographics such as age, gender, life stage, location, income, and education level. Also think about your audience’s psychographic profile: their personality traits, values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles. (If you don’t know your target audience, you’re not alone! Contact us and we can talk through the steps to figure it out.)

Third, with the target audience top-of-mind, make the content and creative. Facebook ads allow images, video, collections, and more. Create more than one ad so you can A/B test for effectiveness.

Finally, you need to monitor the ads to see which ones perform best. Once you know the winner(s), put the remainder of your budget into those ads.

How much do Facebook ads cost?

You can run a Facebook ad with nearly any budget.

Here’s an example of a small spend with a big result. One of our B2B clients with a niche target audience used a video campaign and spent a total of $750.00 on Facebook ads. With this budget, combined with close monitoring of results, we reached over 80,000 people and generated over 3,000 website clicks.

Are you interested in starting a Facebook ad campaign to tell the story of your organization? Let’s connect and get the party started.


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