A Woman Who Inspires me in Business and Life: Anne Campbell

March 23, 2022

Growing up in the eighties, I saw women working, but finding a woman who was running a business was harder to come by. And in the South, even more difficult! But I was lucky. I had the privilege of watching my dad’s business partner, Anne Campbell, grow and lead their business for over 40 years. 

We lost Anne last year and it was way too soon. Her daughter Jennifer, another one of my favorite women, asked me to speak at her funeral. I was so honored to stand up in front of all of the people who loved her and celebrate Anne. I talked about her professional life and how she led. I called out each individual that Anne worked with every day at McCullough & Associates because to her, it was always all about the people. That’s the lesson that really stays with me. The project will get done, the product will ship, nothing is live or die here. But what is of the utmost importance in this world and in business is taking care of your people, loving your people, and listening to your people.

Anne, I’d give anything to have another long lunch with you where you give me heart-felt business advice and we talk about all the people we love. Thank you. Xoxoxoxoxo


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