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In the world of content marketing, we talk a lot about authenticity. The definition of this buzzword evolves, but at the heart of it, authenticity is about being true to yourself (or in the case of brands, true to your company or organization’s values). It’s in this spirit that we at Sol have written our authentic LinkedIn profiles below. If you need help writing yours (to post or not), please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mary, Co-Founder and Creative Director

Mary Tveit SolDesign Atlanta Georgia LinkedIn

As Partner and Creative Director at Sol, Mary steers the ship. Her favorite phase in a project is strategy because she loves collaborating on both brilliant and terrible ideas (you never know where you’ll find a true gem!). With two young sons at home, these brainstorms often include toilet humor and result in a great deal of laughter. She’s also an expert at picking the best brainstorm snacks and has a knack for fancy-ing up frozen pizza. As far as projects, she’s especially passionate about leading social good work because that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you talk about changing the world is the best.

Adam, Co-Founder and Technical Director 

Adam Rosenkoetter SolDesign Atlanta Georgia LinkedIn

As Co-Founder and Technical Director, Adam is Sol’s professional yogi and beginning Tai Chi master. (Yes, those roles are related.) Whether he recommends a custom CMS, a marketing automation tool or an internet marketing strategy, you can trust his recommendation comes from the depths of a man who has achieved inner peace. Adam’s aptitude for creating innovative technical solutions for complex and diverse client needs has led him to spearhead projects for Fortune 500 companies, but his favorite clients are the ones of any size who enjoy the journey, bugs and all.

Jen, Content Strategist and Account Executive

Jennifer Mestre SolDesign Atlanta Georgia LinkedIn

Jen is a creative marketing professional who is somewhat quiet in person but makes a big impact on paper. Because Jen is super smart and a master at speaking the language of persuasion, her areas of expertise include B2B, technology and nonprofits. She has a TV and journalism background, which gives her a unique ability to deal with anything insane that comes up.

Shannon, Business Development Director

Shannon Yarbrough SolDesign Atlanta Georgia LinkedIn

Fifty-one percent extrovert, Shannon doesn’t always like talking to strangers, but she often does. That’s why her career path has combined lively roles such as sales within the context of more introverted industries: nonprofits and education. Her diverse passions, including travel, youth empowerment, and rescue terriers, reflect her love for growth and resilience in the face of sh*t hitting the fan.

Troy, Technology Lead

Troy Cono SolDesign Atlanta Georgia LinkedIn

With 37 years’ experience living with dogs, and 32 of those training them, Troy is the office’s number one dog whisperer. Wheatie is his greatest accomplishment, with a 150% success rate at making others happy. He’s also a pretty badass developer. (Troy, not Wheatie.)

Jake, Graphic Designer

Jake SolDesign Atlanta Georgia LinkedIn

Jake is the next renowned judge on the next big Food Network competition. His foodie tastes are refined to such a degree that he went nearly 20 years without tasting any processed foods. He also demonstrates incredible leadership skills: he single-handedly converted the Sol office to 87% seltzer water consumption, a habit which has revolutionized the office’s quality of life. His design skills are also trés innovative and clients are always impressed with his work.

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